October 19, 2015

Hey everyone,

 Things are still progressing in Dallas over here. When I first got here we had zero progressing investigators (investigators that were taught at least two lessons and are keeping all of their commitments) and now we have two. The first is Coryell; she still seems interested although she missed our last teaching appointment and we haven’t contacted her since. The next is Cathy; we first met her the Saturday before the last one and gave her a Book of Mormon, and then we taught the Restoration to her last Saturday. She said once she investigates the church more and likes it she’ll be baptized.

By the way, there are five people sort of named Cathy in our area, including an investigator named Kathy who we haven’t got a hold of since an illness, a less-active member Cathy (who was originally an investigator, but we found her member records), a former investigator Cathy, and a Cathy some other elders offered service to.

I got my first email from Elder Hardy today. His new companion’s named Elder Rose, and I don’t know much about him. Elder Thompson (the elder in Oakdale Ward that came in this transfer) says he might be short and blonde hair. The McIntires are excited to be baptized!

Last Friday and Saturday we had the weirdest companion exchange. Elder Thompson joined me and Elder Benham in a tripanionship while Elder Sallade went to Cooper Hollow for a day.

We might play football with the zone leaders today, but it will probably rain. We’ll see how things go. By the way, today’s my two month mark on my mission! It feels like things are going fast and slow at the same time. We’ll see how the other 22 months go.

Elder Jensen


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