September 14, 2015


 I’m nearly a month into my mission. A few months ago it would have been hard for me to imagine myself this far, but I surprise myself almost every day. 23 to go.

Today’s been really fun. We found out that board games are now allowed in the mission as long as they follow the white handbook (mission rules). We didn’t have the chance to play one today, but we did go bowling with 10 elders. Somehow I beat everyone with a 122, but I was still praising others. We got haircuts with Elder Hancock and Elder Barnes, then the zone leaders, Elder Sumner and Elder Pozernick, showed up, and the owner wasn’t too pleased with having six missionaries at a time since missionaries get haircuts there for free. The zone leaders are awesome (Elder Sumner reminds me of a blonde Andrew Prince) and there’s a bunch of other cool missionaries in my zone.

Last Tuesday we visited a part-member family, the Goodwins, and the only person home was their niece, Kennedy, who lives with them. We found out that she wasn’t a member and I gave her a Book of Mormon. My first one! The mother, Christina, is a less-active member, and her husband was killed in an industrial accident recently. We continue to give her comfort and told her she can live with him again and talked about the temple. They have a 13-year-old daughter named Kendra who is a member and an 8-year-old daughter named Angelina who hasn’t been baptized and will probably get interviewed by the bishop, but we’ll teach the lessons to her anyway the best we can. Guiding the whole family toward baptism/activity would be a great start to my mission.

We had a ton of meetings and service projects last week, just like the week before. We were helping someone move for four or five hours when one of the ward members, Brother Strait, a medical student, found out that Elder Hardy tore a ligament in his foot. Elder Hardy said it was hurting for about eight weeks ever since he landed on someone’s foot playing basketball. He was told to take it easy, take ibuprofen, apply ice, etc. Hopefully it will heal quickly.

This week will probably be tougher; we’re exchanging with the zone leaders tomorrow and Wednesday, Friday is our Mission Fast, and Sunday the ward is fasting since President and Sister Samuelian will be present in our ward. But I’m expecting I’ll learn a ton. The Spirit’s becoming stronger in our lessons, and I hope we can utilize it more.

Elder Jensen


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