August 24, 2015

Hey everyone,

 My first week in the mission field has certainly been one of the wildest in my life, but surprisingly even though I was very busy for the most part and didn’t have much success so far I’m starting to enjoy serving the Lord. I didn’t have the opportunity to enter the MTC, so after a day of training I was paired with my new companion/trainer, Elder Hardy, and sent to Lebanon, Oregon, into the Riverview Ward. Elder Hardy has only been in the mission for three months, and he admits to being nervous about taking over a whole area, but he’s humble and patient with me. We share similar interests and have already become good friends.

 Last Thursday we took a field trip to what our mission president, President Samuelian, calls one of the two most sacred places in the mission, the first being the temple. On the Oregon coast sits one of the largest haystack rocks in the world, which the President says might have been created and placed to stand unmoved, and we sat in a sandy area where we can see it from a distance. Even when all the massive waves and bellowing winds crash upon it, it doesn’t budge an inch. Hence our mission theme, Built Upon the Rock (see Helaman 5:12, D&C 6:34). It was a very spiritual experience.

 For the most part in the mission field we’ve attended meetings and I didn’t have much idea what was going on at first, so I let Elder Hardy take the lead, and we’ve only taught four lessons so far. One of them was to our only new investigator, Dale Ramsey, a 57-year-old man with an inspiring story. He has a strong desire to change and I believe he knows more about the doctrine of our church than he realizes.

 I’m doing well out here, and am not bothering too much by thoughts of home. Be sure you all write back (I didn’t get any mail this week!), my email address is . I hope next week I’ll have more to tell about our investigators and I’ll have a better grasp of what’s going on. Hope to hear from you soon!

Elder Jensen


2 thoughts on “August 24, 2015

  1. Elder Jensen we are so glad you ate keeping this blog! It inspires us Mitchells to prepare for mission service as we hear your stories.


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